Dec 29 2014

Day 14 – Wanaka

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Today was a rest day.  We’ve been doing so much driving and exploring of late, we needed to slow down and recharge.  We spent most of the day at the resort either sleeping, eating in the pool or relaxing on the couch.  Unfortunate though, as it was a beautiful day outside.

Damian has come down with the same sickness which plagued Toni late last week and over the weekend, so he had been randomly throwing up and soiling himself.  The best thing for him is bed rest, so it’s likely tomorrow will also be another prescription of today’s non-activities.

Toni and Jake went to the shops around midday to get some extra kid food.  In the afternoon (around 5pm) we drove to the Wanaka marina and parked there.  We took a walk (Damian in a stroller) from the marina to about half way along Beacon Point, taking in a number of views of the lake and the sunlight playing across the ripples on the surface.


People were docking their boats as we watched, before taking the dirt path north along the side of the lake.  Jake was rather attracted to the many boats at the Wanaka Yacht Club, and was quite upset when we told him none of the boats were ours.

PC296490 PC296492

PC296514 PC296594

Eventually we turned back and headed into the town to get some nappies.  On our way back we stopped at the Wanaka Station Park (which I misnamed as another playground in an earlier article).  This is the site of old Wanaka homesteads from a bygone era.  All which remains today is some basic foundations, a set of steps and wooden plaque indicating where the station house stood.  The gardens were quite splendid though, and we made our way down the the lake side once again, where I met the stranded tree out in the lake.

PC296677 PC296618


..and we then returned to get dinner under way and to put our poor, sick, Damian down for sleep. 

Tomorrow is our last full day in Wanaka Sad smile  Chances are we might line up something to do of interest before we leave.

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