Sep 7 2013

Spring 2013


Spring is here!

This is my favourite season of the year, and Canberra does Spring very, very well.  If you were to pick a time to visit Canberra as a tourist, you almost couldn’t beat the time between early September and late November.

What’s On?

Well, for me personally, Toni is due anytime now to go into labour with our second child; so there’s plenty to do of course!  We still have a lot of packing to do as we’ll likely be moving house before December.

Speaking of birthdays, it’s my Grandmother’s birthday, and later in the month my sister’s husband David and their boy Oscar also have birthdays, so there’s no shortage of things going on.

Don’t Forget…

I hope you enjoy this time of the year also, and that you’ve remembered to vote today as it is the day of the Australian general election.

That’s all for now.